We often get asked about how important it is to one’s own website when it comes to getting a new job. The quick answer is that it can be very important, or not that much. 

If the job you’re looking for is being a plumber, mechanic, or carpenter, then your practical skills will weigh higher than your web development and self-marketing skills. But if you’re looking for a job within IT, marketing, or web development, then we would say that it’s almost a must to have a website if you want to stand apart. Three reasons explain our stance in this matter. 

Websites are impressive

Having your own website will impress potential employers, because it tells them several things about you: 

  • You are willing to learn
  • You spend your free time doing things that are good for your career
  • You aren’t afraid to put yourself out there to achieve your dreams

Websites are easy to build

Building a website was way harder in the past, when you would have to code every single piece of it manually. You would have to code the font size, the size of pictures, the background colors, the distance between different sections – basically EVERYTHING on the entire website. 

It has become much easier these days, with the intuitive click-and-drag interfaces that very intelligent coders created made for us. 

Furthermore, the overall website building is very straightforward: 

  1. Buy a domain, for example at GoDaddy or Namecheap
  2. Get hosting from Bluehost, Hostgator, or other hosting companies
  3. Design your website: WordPress is our favorite option here

(We earn no commission from mentioning these companies, but do it so that it will be easier for you to get started with your own website.) 

Websites help you market yourself

SmartEmploy is an innovative Norwegian company which helps connect apprentices with companies through their service. They also have a lot of articles with career advice, and one of the things they encourage would-be apprentices to do in their step-by-step program to Søke læreplass (apply for an apprenticeship) is to market themselves with their own website. The same advice applies to jobseekers in general.

Building a website is a good way to be seen, and for the jobseeker, we believe that it’s one of the best ways to market oneself. 

Get hired by having your own website